Lion or macaque?

Antonio Catena

10-04-2008 Traduzione di Chiara Daina

Both lion and macaque are animals and they live in the forest but they have such different characteristics. The lion faces up to life, with his ferocious look and his huge bulk, without showing any remorse, as if he was soulless. Everybody he meets, falls victim to him, as he doesn’t care about life, but himself and his greed… as if he was aware that a moment of weakness would turn him from predator into victim.  

On the contrary, the macaque, with his scared look and his slight build, faces up to life with the courage and the awareness of being a victim. Macaques live in community interacting with his similars, continuously learning new things from each other, with the common aim to survive but at the same time to live too.

Yesterday I was a lion, today mostly macaque. I wonder if I will become a man tomorrow.


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