Il nodo della rabbia

Fedua Taleb, Silvia Casanova, Angelo Aparo

21-09-2008 Traduzione di Chiara Daina

Anger is a hard knot to untie
It holds you tightly inside and inside invades you
And everywhere it spreads

Nobody knows where it rises
It tosses and flees without a break
Everyday with a different face

In bad times it becomes stronger
It puts words into your mouth
To assign a name to the shadows
And to stop asking your questions

Yet it is another knot
While anger runs fast, you
Stay there stiffly watching

Like a bad tree
Its leaves tremble in the wind
But the roots become tougher

The night clears up
It remains the memory of a nightmare
Of a forced dream

While the daylight
Opens the doors
To my sorrow and to my fear


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