The weight of shadows - Il peso delle ombre

Monica Pardo

09-10-2008 Traduzione, Chiara Daina (Italiano - Spagnolo)

Leaves, shadows, dreams, nightmares, light, darkness, reality, fantasy.

How much does our own life influence  what really happens ? How much can our shadows cover the colors of our dreams?

It isn’t necessary to be a wise to know that if you live among the shadows of the past and if you are always frightened  of the future, there won’t be the time to savour what is essential and immense inside of us.

There is what I see on the third picture: two realities, each of ones, alone seems a barrier impossible to overcome; while, if I look at them together, I realize that the darkness is the shadow we see, the only one shadow of the whole light inside which we live, we want to look at.

The time and the experiences teach us that, while the sun continues his turn, its light takes away the shadow that frightens us.



Browsing among the leaves, Manuela Re




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