The Sand-Castle

Antonio Catena

02-10-2008 Traduzione, Chiara Daina

Anger and suffering shape the ground where I put dawn the new foundations of my castle. It’s not an easy work, the way to achieve my goal becomes harder and harder, especially if I consider that at its basis there’s the same dry and unstable ground of the past structure.

I have to choose the bricks of this castle carefully, I have to give them importance and put them in the right place. In order to do it I give a name to each of them. At the bottom I need wide foundations to give the right value and make my structure solid: these are called ‘love’ and ‘family’. Other bricks will be put down on the foundations: responsibility, self-esteem, abilities, respect, relation, trust…

But, while the castle grows and starts getting a sense, here is the storm. I can see it in the distance. It advances with the destructive strength I had let it to get in the past. But today I do not have any power on it. It comes up, I’m overcome by it, it passes off and goes away.

I can’t see anything, only dust and sand going and settling slowly. Where’s my castle? The storm has taken it sweeping away the foundations, only dust and sand left, but it was made of these. Now the desert remains in its place: that dry and unstable ground called anger and suffering.

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