Il gruppo della trasgressione



  • prisoners, students of psychology and free citizens

The Aims:

  • Enhance the communications from jail to the society

  • Promote the evolution of the prisoners and of the students together with the growth of their competence through interactions and research with external society.

The Activities:

  • Meetings in prison, often with external (groups of study, scout)

  • Seminaries, once a month with the participation of various representatives (law, psychology, doctors, professors of literature, art, philosophy and theology) with reports in their subjects.

  • Assemblies of various disciplines, internal and external to the prison

  • Activities with schools finalized to prevent deviance.

  • Concerts with and with the Border Band (musical partners of the Group), on the “fertility of imperfections”

The Method:

  • When no external guests are invited, in every meeting will be read and talked about reports and writings related to the subject of the period, and they will be published on the website

The Projects:

  • External work group with just graduated students and ex prisoners finalized to the prevention (work in risks areas, bullisms, communication between parents/sons)

  • Enlarge the involvement of Institutions (Municipality, Educations Agency of Studies, Prisons, Justice Court, Groups and external Associations), in the re-organization of events with the group’s aim and the re-socialization as per the law.