Quanti sogni

Vito Cattaneo

7-11-2006 Traduzione, Chiara Daina - Italiano

How many dreams my childhood has beguiled
from playing the piano
to the hero who saves the world
but this was the time
I was not considered.

How many dreams my adolescence has dreamt up
from motorbike-competitions
to vieing with my father
but this was the time
I thought everything was infinite.

How many dreams my youth has pursued
from the power of money
to the illusion of invincibility
but that was the time I had
to admit I was limited.

How many dreams my maturity can realize
from the awareness of what I want to do
to the limit of what I can do
this is the time to work.

How many dreams forgotten
how many idle dreams
how many dreams still opened
in the depths of my heart.


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