La scusa

Vito Cattaneo

28-04-2006 Traduzione Giulia Marchioro, Italiano

She got thousand faces, she is as you want
she is always ready-made for you.

When you are alone in front of the proof
you dream in which way you could be helped by her.

With her, in your mind, you feel yourself strong,
you’re right, no one can contradict your desires of revenge,
of fury, of hate.

When you’re knocked back with her,
you mask her.

You know her well,
but when someone ask you to tell something about her,
you pretend as she doesn’t exist,
and you cover up her also to you.

And you don’t understand that, if you get used to her,
you can do nothing without her.

If you don’t recognize her
you loose your inner growth’s beauty,
pain and satisfaction of your charge,
look’s pride, that makes you like a man.

She’s a friend, she helps you,
you feel yourself defended by her,
but, if you don’t fight her,
the Apology,
makes your soul fall asleep
like listening the sound of temptress,
melodious, but poisoned.