A collective game


18-10-2008 Traduzione, Chiara Daina

One of our last concerts had an ambitious title: “Wishes, illusions, constructions”. But who declare themselves supporters of constructions (prisoners, students, citizens, persons responsible of institutions) need  engagement, suitable conditions, alliances and tangible investments.

We’re mainly concerned with:  the rehabilitation of the personal experience, the in-depth analysis of themes such as the choices, the relation to the Law, the becoming of citizen’s identity. In order to pursue the objective in a better and funnier way, we often turn to artistic works and to experts who came and speak about them.

Prisoners and students of the team, running after their curiosities and keeping them alive, enjoy this team-game and the responsibilities towards their mates: a way to interiorize the rules of living together, instead of suffering them.

The collaboration with the institutions and other partners gives to the Transgression team and the Trsg.band the pleasure to meet new allies and to live new responsabilities.

The project to connect De André’s songs to the texts of the Transgression team began about four years ago. Searching among the alleys and the characters of the old town, as De André did, or among our dark aspects, is a process that call for care and a lot of courage.

Yet, a research led by sense can bring precious experiences and big satisfactions both to  prisoners and to citizens.